Here Are 3 Cool Ways You Can Join Clubhouse

So you’ve heard about Clubhouse and you’d love to join, right? However, you have no clue how to get on the app or even who is on.  Let’s look at three (3) cool ways you can join and get in on the fun and excitement.

First off, download the app from the App Store. Currently, Clubhouse is not only invite-only but also in a private beta-phase and presently only available to iPhone users. You should know that if you have an iPad or iPad Mini, you should be able to still access it through the App Store.

Personal Invite

You’ll be able to join Clubhouse with an invite from a current member. Each new member is initially allotted one invitation that they can send to someone using their phone numbers.

Engaging frequently on the platform and joining conversations and moderating rooms can earn additional invitations, but this is not guaranteed.

Cool Clubhouse Rule #1: An invitation from someone on Clubhouse should be valued as an endorsement of your skill or some way you can add to the platform. Don’t do anything untoward that may jeopardize either you or the person’s membership on the app.

Back-Door Invite

There’s also a little-known back-door way to enter the Clubhouse app. To use this method, download the app (see above) and reserve your username. Any friends who have your phone number and also are on Clubhouse will receive a notification that you’re waiting for an invitation.
They now have the option to let you in without losing their allotted invitation(s).

Cool Clubhouse Rule #2: Ensure you think about what your username will be before signing up. Most people use their first and surnames eg. @AliciaLyttle. However, you could use your business name or a more well-known online name eg. @CoachDeb that may sync more with your current online presence. Note though that you can only change this username once!

Clubhouse Train Invite

We’ve devised a simple and easy way to ensure you and all your friends can join in on the Clubhouse action. We call it the Clubhouse train!

We host a train weekly where we have people who have an invitation invite others, and we

keep the train going all night until everyone is in. This is done through our Private Facebook Group which you can visit here – Send us an invite and don’t be left behind on the newest

Cool Clubhouse Rule #3: When you join our Clubhouse Conversions Private Facebook Group, please do send an invite to all your friends interested in the app. Also, remember you have to be an iPhone user, and you have to pass your invite onto the next member on the train.

Want To Learn More about Clubhouse and importantly, even more tips on how you can join? Check out more details in the Clubhouse Guidebook – The Ultimate Guide To The New Invite-Only Social Media App That Everyone’s Talking App currently on Kindle.

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