What Is Clubhouse? A Quick Note For The Uninvited

If you’ve heard about the new app Clubhouse recently and wondered what exactly it is, let’s break it down for you in less than 500 words.

What Is It?

Clubhouse is a super-exclusive, audio-only app that allows users to hop into themed chat rooms and have one-on-one constructive conversations with others who have common interests, stories, and passions.

Who Is It Available To?

Clubhouse is currently only available to iPhone users. Unfortunately, Android users may have to wait until Spring 2021 for access. However, if you have an iPad or iPad mini, you’re in luck because you can still get in on the action.

Who’s On It?

In The Beginning: Started out with various industry leaders and Silicon Valley experts.

Currently: Clubhouse gatherings later evolved to include some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, academia, tech, and marketing. For example Kevin Hart, Drake, Tiffany Haddish, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, and Terry Crews are all on Clubhouse loving the vibe of the new social environment.

The Future: Who Knows? The Clubhouse app is currently invite-only but maybe soon everybody and their grandma could be involved.

What Does A ClubHouse Do?

Clubhouse allows people from anywhere online who are on the app to form clubs and meet to discuss their favorite topics. 

What Are The Features?

Format: Audio-only

Exclusivity: Users of the Clubhouse app can only join via an invite from a current user

Events: Clubs/Groups create themed chat rooms for invited discussions 

Disappearing Chats: A remarkable feature of the Clubhouse app is the disappearing chat. Conversations are live, and members must be present for every minute of a discussion. Once a chat room is closed, there is no record of the conversation.

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