3 Reasons Clubhouse Will Be The Next Big Thing in Social

Since Clubhouse has become available to the public in October 2020, it has been one of the most raved about apps online. It has everything from Virtual Dinner Parties to Clubs about Real Estate.

If you have ever wanted to be in on something BIG when it just started, here’s your chance!

Here are three solid reasons why “The NEXT Big Thing” will definitely be Clubhouse.


The online space is always evolving and changing how people navigate the internet. Since the great lockdown of 2020, social media was bombarded by an influx of more users. Clubhouse joined the fray and its initial closed privacy and even now need for an invite to join causes it to be like an exclusive private party.

One of the common questions nowadays is “Wow! How do I get an invite to Clubhouse?” Alternatively, people may ask “What exactly is Clubhouse?”

This fear of missing out (FOMO) on the hottest new trend in the online and social media space will elevate the usage of the app. In fact, if you’re serious about capturing online real estate, need new customers for your business, or just want to learn something new from an industry leader, then you’d salivate over the cool interactive environment that is Clubhouse. 

Everybody wants to be in the same space where, media, tech, and entertainment big-wigs such as Kevin Hart, Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Oprah Winfrey, LL Cool J, Terry Crews, and MC Hammer hang out and talk about current issues.

Great For AudioPhiles

In the last five to six years, podcasting and audio networks have taken over the internet by storm. So much so, that many of the tech giants have seen an increase in the use of their audio-based software or devices. Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Siri, and Alexa are now becoming an everyday addition to the useability of most phone and computer owners.

Additionally, the evolution of audio in the social space as a way to communicate ideas, interact with an audience and do business is increasing.

Nothing beats listening to something while still being able to do your normal chores and activities. Clubhouse affords you the ability to still be in the shower, prepare meals, do work online, and still hear advice from your fav celebrity or industry leader. It’s also a far cry from the need to be visible for important meetings on Zoom. Great for those who are camera-shy!

New Hip Way To Shop & Sell

You can even sell products in the space. Bear in mind that clickable links are not possible on the platform. However, you can also take a conversation off the app. The only links you can add are for your Twitter and Instagram handles. If you make your clubs and conversations fascinating enough, people will be sure to check out your other online profiles and join part of your normal sales process. In fact, interact with your audience and club member in their DMs and startup relationships that are sure to mean big bucks in the future.

Want To Learn More about Clubhouse and more importantly how you can join?

Check out more details in the Kindle Book – Clubhouse Guidebook.  

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