A Quick Tip On Finding People Interested In Your Clubhouse Rooms

You may be on Clubhouse right now and looking to engage with more people. This is a neat tip to get some more people into your rooms or maybe a wider audience for one of your chats.


@AliciaLytte has been using Airbnb to earn passive income for years. So she has become a moderator in one of her friend’s, @Zack_Childress, rooms called: “Be A Real Estate Boss. What Does It Really Take…?

@Zack_Childress has many awesome conversations on Real Estate. He’s been rocking it with amazing content in his room exploring everything from the mindset of a real estate owner, to team building and finding and selling great properties.


One way that we’ve been getting people to listen is to search for those who have real estate as an interest in Clubhouse. [Of course, you may do this for any similar industry or niche].

Here’s how you do it:

STEP #1 – Go to your rooms on Clubhouse

STEP #2 – Navigate to the bottom where the (+) sign is.

STEP #3 – That will open the search box on the app. Type in your intended audience. In this case, it’s “Real Estate.” Then simply select and PING these new potential listeners into your room.

For a simple 1-minute explanation on this go here:
How To Get More People On Clubhouse Into Your Rooms 

Do you have any useful tips on getting more audience to your rooms? Let us know in the comments below.

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