The Clubhouse Guidebook Is The #1 New Release In Three Categories on Amazon

So we launched The Clubhouse Guidebook on Amazon recently and we can’t be happier to report that it is now listed as the #1 new release in 3 categories on Amazon. What an accomplishment for us!

The Next BIG Thing In Social Media

When @CoachDeb got the idea for the book, she imagined that people would start to utilize the platform heavily. She also saw the power of the platform, as “the Next BIG Thing” in Social Media Marketing.  

Now that The Ultimate Clubhouse Guidebook is live, it seems this may actually become the case. Just like Twitter before it for micro-blogging and TikTok for simple, savvy, and creative short videos, Clubhouse appears as if it will just continue to take off as the place for audio discussions and podcasts.

The three categories it has begun to trend best in are:
– Web Marketing,
– Internet Marketing, and
– Industrial Marketing

Clubhouse Guidebook Hot New #1 Release in Web Marketing on Amazon


Clubhouse Guidebook Hot New #1 Release in Internet Marketing on Amazon


Amazon #1 Release in Industrial Marketing
Clubhouse Guidebook Hot New #1 Release in Industrial Marketing on Amazon

JoAnn Was So Inspired By The Clubhouse Book That She Gave Her Very First Review Ever Online

Watch JoAnn’s review here [if not seen above]:
JoAnn Wolloff’s Review of The Clubhouse GuideBook

Have you purchased the book as yet? Share a review of what you think about it in the comments below. We just may feature your comments, recommendations, and discussions in a later blog post or in our Super-interactive Facebook Group: Clubhouse Conversions

Want To Learn Even More About Clubhouse and how you can join in on the fun?

Check out more details in our spanking new Kindle Book:

Updated Jan 23, 2021 – The Clubhouse Guidebook is now #1 in three categories on Amazon and not just two.

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