The Power Of Your Bio In The Clubhouse App – 4 Methods To Get The Most Out Of Your Clubhouse Bio

An often neglected area of your social media that you need to understand the importance of is your profile or bio. Similarly on Clubhouse, it can be a section to allow audiences to know who you are and the services you provide.

One of the first things you should do when you reserve your username and then get invited onto Clubhouse is to fill out your details, so viewers can see more about you and your business.

Here are 4 methods to get the most out of your Clubhouse bio.

1. Use Your Clubhouse Bio To Tell A Story

pushed the limit of characters [we’re not sure if there’s even a limit] on her profile bio. She intuitively used it to tell a story of her journey as an author, business coach, and media and video maven.

2. Use Your Clubhouse Bio To Emphasize Your Latest Projects

filled out her bio with a brilliant display of her latest project as a Groove Funnels Affiliate. As the 1st Certified Groove Ambassador her bio speaks much on funnel building, affiliate marketing and how it can be useful for entrepreneurs.

3. Use Your Clubhouse Bio To Allow People To See Your Latest Trainings, Webinars and Consultant Bookings 

@AliciaLyttle not only embeds her bio with general details about her wins over the last 20 years of online marketing but strategically puts the links/websites for her latest trainings and webinars. In the Clubhouse bio, Alicia also states how to book her for an appointment or consultancy.

Clubhouse Bio With Website Informationo

The only links clickable in your bio are Twitter and Instagram profiles but once your website is a simple enough link to recall, people will definitely type it into the browser to check it out.

4. Use Your Clubhouse Bio For Agendas For Your Rooms

We wrote recently about how we were using the search function on Clubhouse to find people interested in a Real Estate Room with @Zack_Childress. Another way Zack gets people hooked in is to change up his Clubhouse bio occasionally. He tends to have the agenda for each day’s topic in the room written in the bio [see the circled section in the image below].

This provides a sense of organization to Zack’s talks on the Clubhouse app. If you copy this, it will allow you to plan ahead on specific content for each room discussion. People will notice and ask valuable questions based on the subtopics you list. It’s a great way to always set the pace of the room and keep the conversation flowing.

Do you have any useful tips on making a superb Clubhouse bio? Let us know in the comments below.

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