Setting Up An Event on Clubhouse

How To Create Events on Clubhouse:

The new Clubhouse app offers you the ability to set up events and start conversations. It’s a great way to build an audience and keep them engaged.

Let’s go through three (3) important things related to Clubhouse events.
– How To Create An Event in Clubhouse
– How To Edit An Event in Clubhouse
– How To Start Your Room Conversation in Clubhouse


Events are created by navigating to your Clubhouse calendar and setting up details for a chat you will have on the app.

STEP #1 – Go to the “Calendar.” You will see a list of different activities you’re involved in on Clubhouse

STEP #2 – Click the “Plus Sign.” Then in the next menu, put in the details of the event you plan to host. Ensure you put in as many details as possible to get more people to be interested.

1. Put in a descriptive Title that has a clear hook and even emojis.
2. Let people know who the co-hosts & guests will be.
3. Create a suitable date & time for the event.
4. Add further & longer descriptions such as, an agenda, who may pop into the room, why people should tune in and how the talk can benefit them.


STEP #3 – Click “Publish,” and then on the next screen, share the event with others.
You may do so by navigating to the bottom of the events screen and distributing one of those on your list. You can share in one of four (4) ways currently; either by clicking “Share,” “Tweet,” “Copy Link,” or “Add to Calendar.”

Once you’ve set-up your event, there may be some issues such as a spelling error or typo in your listing. Additionally, the co-hosts, date or time of the event may change. This is where the edit function comes in handy.

Click the “Edit” button to the right of the title in your events list. When finalized, then click “Save.”
(You may also wish to delete the event entirely. It is possible by clicking the red “Delete Event” at the bottom of the editing menu).


STEP #1 – Go to the “Calendar” (see first screenshot). Then click “UPCOMING FOR YOU” (near the top of screen). And then click “MY EVENTS” (in the drop down list).

Here in this list, not only will you see events you personally created, but also events that you are a co-host for.

STEP #2 – When your time comes for the event, a button will pop up within this “MY EVENTS” menu for you to click saying:  “START YOUR ROOM” (the red arrow below is where it would pop up).

NOTE: Don’t click the notifier saying “START A ROOM” in the general main window of the app. It will just lead you to create another event.

Just like other apps with live events, people will get notifications that the room has started. However, don’t be shy about sending back some online messages to remind others about the start time for your conversations.

Please click the link below for a great 3 minutes of explanation on all of the above:
How To Create Events on Clubhouse

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