3 Steps To Find Rooms To Engage In Your Clubhouse App

What we love about Clubhouse is the ability to find conversations in multiple things that we’re interested in. Here in this 3-step discussion, @AlicaLyttle explores navigating to find a room in her favorite category on the app.

Here are the 3 quick steps to get started!

STEP #1: Navigate From Your Home/Profile Screen, then click on the search icon.
a. Type Into The Search Bar to find people and clubs.
b. Or navigate down the main section to see a list to choose from

STEP #2: Look At The List of Topics
Here you will find topics to explore and clubs to follow.

You can find anything in different categories from Wellness, Faith, Arts, Life, World Affairs, Sports, Places, Hustle, Identity, and Language among other things.

Click on a category to see clubs that you may want to listen to and engage with.

STEP #3: Click Follow Beside A Club That Interests You.
After you follow a club, when they go live, you will get notified.

You can now explore with different people in those rooms and engage with them in all sorts of ways. 

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