How To Send People Your Direct Link For Clubhouse

A new update just came out for Clubhouse and it’s going to make sharing your Clubhouse details much easier.

Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps.

From your profile, click the share button

Copy the link for use on other platforms

A. Click the platform to share and embed the Clubhouse link or
B. Paste the link from the clipboard (copied in STEP #2)

posting link of your Clubhouse

embed Clubhouse link


This is what my link looks like:

Link me on Clubhouse @AliciaLytte for even more cool conversations and updates. Be sure to find @AngieNorris @CoachDeb as well!

For more details on the coolest app currently, read our Clubhouse Guidebook – The Ultimate Guide To The New Invite-Only Social Media App That Everyone’s Talking About currently on Kindle.

Comment below if you will be sending your contacts your Clubhouse link soon.

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