Clubbing With Joann Wolloff | Why This Clubhouse User Bought 50 Of Our Guidebooks

We recently sat down to chat with Joann Wolloff, a new online business owner. She’s also one of our Clubhouse favourites! She was the first person to get into Clubhouse using the Clubhouse Train. However, to put the icing on the cake, she bought 50 of our Clubhouse Guidebooks.

Find out in the video above why she did that as well as why you should be using Clubhouse to grow your business.

Clubhouse has basically reached 10 million users. That’s impressive considering that the platform had 2 millionĀ usersĀ in January 2021. And only 1,500 in May 2020.

Ensure you grab onto the Clubhouse movement and start getting into life-changing conversations. This new audio app may be surging in numbers but you can still have a piece of the real estate and improve your visibility to business owners and potential clients alike.

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