4 Ways To Earn Money While Using Clubhouse

So you might have joined the superb new invite-only app named Clubhouse recently. If you’re on an Android device, it will be an even bigger deal for you because it just came out on that platform in the last two (2) months.

Now that you’ve hunkered down and been to a few rooms, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can make money from the platform.

In the first few weeks, try to look around and see what is involved there, network with like-minded individuals, and moderate some rooms for yourself. Afterward start to think on how to build out your own brand and be an educator, and service provider.

Let’s examine four (4) simple ways that you can earn while using Clubhouse.

General Information And Links In The Profile

The beauty about Clubhouse is that it is fairly simple to navigate. Once people see your name and rooms, they can look at what you’re about on your profile. Ensure that once they land there, they find something that will hook them in to follow and converse with you more.

Make your profile appealing with a story about who you are. Get a good writer or copy-editor to help if possible. In addition, place links there for your services.

Ensure you max out as much information about your journey as possible. Tell it like a story including achievements and milestones. Then add your Twitter and Instagram links so people can go there and find out more. (These will be the only clickable links on your profile).

Calls To Action In Conversations

Once you’re in rooms, take time to engage with your audience and show your personality. Then ensure you state a call to action.

For example, if @AliciaLyttle was in a room and wanted people to book an appointment with her for business consulting, she could end by saying, “Thanks for listening, you can reach out to me to learn how to expand your business by booking a FREE talk at”

Or maybe @AngieNorris is discussing about her favourite affiliate earner Groove Funnels one day she may end by saying, “Hey guys, thanks for being with us today, please do reach out to me at where I teach even more about affiliate marketing and how to use funnels to grow your business revenue.”

Using The New Payment Feature

In addition to leading people to your offers, you may consider noting that Clubhouse members can also take payments directly on the platform.

TechCrunch spoke of Clubhouse’s new payments feature recently. They mentioned how, “The fact that Clubhouse’s first attempt at monetization includes no percentage cut of its own is certainly noteworthy. Monetization, or Clubhouse’s lack thereof, has been a topic of discussion about the buzzy startup since it took off in the early pandemic months.”

Clubhouse stated, “This will be the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse. We are excited to see how people use it, and to continue working hard to help the amazing members of the Clubhouse community grow and thrive.”

Be A Money Magnet Influencer

Another essential way that you can earn through Clubhouse is to co-host or be a guest in rooms. There are a few people who may have online environments where they need to have regular speakers. They need to ensure they fill out spots and engage their audience regularly with amazing content.

They will be willing to talk to you about payment for different times speaking in their rooms to discuss your expertise. If you’re just starting out as a speaker, know that all you need to do is be confident, plan for what you wish to say and then deliver. Be clear in what you say and state your message with meaning and power. Be engaging and professional.

Remember, you also need to balance your time on the platform. If you plan to be a business owner and earn money online, it means well to learn from those who are there already. However, take time to build out your own niche of rooms and products. Produce content that resonates with you and your audience. Then find ways to profit from it.

Have fun in conversations and build on your own profile. As you see fit, engage with the target market of your business and ensure you stay well and ready to serve.

What have you been doing to earn money on Clubhouse? Let us know in the comments below.

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