4 Cool Clubhouse Rules for Growing Your Business

Business owners should know that the new invite-only audio app Clubhouse is buzzing with activity and prospects for new clients. The cool thing about entrepreneurs using Clubhouse is that they can both learn from others and offer their own services at the same time.

Let’s go through four (4) quick steps to get towards great growth in your business.

Rule #1: Build The Best Bio

Your Clubhouse bio is very powerful. It is the first statement of who you are and what you have to offer on the platform.

The impressive thing about the bio is that we’ve not found a character limit to it as yet.

Keep it shorter than a LinkedIn bio but longer than an Instagram bio. Include some powerful emojis. List some of your major milestones and achievements, and ways you’ve improved others through your services and products. Set agendas in your bio daily for any rooms you host, co-host or moderate.

Rule #2: Invite Your Friends

There are a few ways to ensure you invite people into Clubhouse. You have a set allowance of invites, anyone in your phone can become on your invite list and you can also promote with a group doing a clubhouse invite system.

@AngieNorris, @CoachDeb and I did so ourselves with something we called the Clubhouse Train.

The more friends you can associate with, the more your conversations and ways you can network.

Rule #3: Create & Join Awesome Rooms

Now in order for people to know who you are or your expertise, just having a bio and some friends won’t be enough.

Clubhouse, like any other social media, thrives on discussions and communication. The flip side to this is you have to find ways to become known in discussions or you’ll just be a consumer of information and not a producer.

The person who can add more value and eventually monetize it will see success in their business over time.

Start off by moderating a few rooms, then upgrade to doing conversations for yourself. As your content and friends lists build, start to join as a featured guest in rooms. Rinse and repeat this until your brand becomes more well known.

Rule #4: Ask People What They Need Assistance In

Then when you start getting more likes and following to your rooms and bio, start to ask people what they need assistance with.

1. Set up an appointment calendar that they can go and set-up a business call with you.

2. Leave links to your offers and products so that they can know more about you.

3. Note the only clickable links you can put in the bio are your Twitter and Instagram links, so ensure when people click to those platforms they can see other info. Optimize the bios of those profiles with appropriate links for your audience to engage with you more.

If you’re not a part of Clubhouse as yet, what are you waiting for?

Grab an invite from a friend and start promoting and networking for your business. You’ll feel a lot better knowing you started on a journey to increase your visibility and branding. In addition, the app is now available on Android. Take some time to do something for your business today!

Do you have any useful tips on growing your business on Clubhouse? Let us know in the comments below.

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