Clubhouse Conversations is done by an all-ladies team; Deborah Cole, Angie Norris, and Alicia Lyttle. Here we spark the conversations around Clubhouse – the newest social media app that everyone’s talking about.

In her 2008 book “Twitter Revolution,” Deborah Cole predicted that Twitter would be the hottest app that would grow into the mainstream.

After being introduced to the Clubhouse app during the summer of 2020, Deborah began “writing the book on Clubhouse, sharing chapters exclusively with clients who got on the app before the frenzy began.” She realized that First Movers would get it and that savvy marketers would understand the power of the platform, as “the Next BIG Thing” in Social Media Marketing.

“Now that all the digital marketers are joining Clubhouse, I expect the platform to be even more exciting and awesome!” stated Deborah Cole.

Angie Norris proclaimed, “At a time when the circumstances of the world seem to be keeping us from real-life interaction, I’m thankful for emerging platforms, like Clubhouse, that provides us with ways to overcome communication barriers.

The Clubhouse Guidebook was created to allow everyone to harness the power of the new Clubhouse App.

“…many of our clients and colleagues have already thanked us for putting this Guidebook together, as it’s helped them dive into Clubhouse quickly and skip the learning curve,” mentioned Alicia Lyttle

Check out more details in the Clubhouse Guidebook – The Ultimate Guide To The New Invite-Only Social Media App That Everyone’s Talking About currently on Kindle.

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